River-forest leisure farm is in Luo Dongxi leisure agricultural area, close to Luodong Sports Park.

Welcome to the river-forest leisure farm, river- forest leisure farm is located in Colin village, Dongshan Township​, Yilan County, Taiwan.

First, Colin village human geography environment introduction:
In the past, the seeds of Trochodendron with the the flood of mountains, and planted in the Coling village, due to strong adaptability to the environment, and grow fast, so the villagers widely planted, in addition to control floods, but also as a pastoral Line, which is the origin of Colin village.
The Colin area was originally Annongriver basin, and the geology was of low gravel layer. The groundwater flow system of the Taiping Mountain system flowed to the Colin area to form the volatility phenomenon, which developed the natural landscape of the spring. Therefore, the water resources of the Colin area and aquatic ecology is a major feature.
Second, the ecological environment:
"River-Forest resort" has been operating since 2009 and has been transformed into "River- Forest Leisure Farm" since 2013. The park area is expanded from over 5,000 square meters to more than 50,000 square meters. The River-forest is located in the spring area. Not only established a unique view of the River- forest, but also provides a river- forest leisure farm agriculture, fishery production. Therefore, the management mode of the River- forest leisure farms has included the operating direction of "leisure", "ecological experience", "agriculture" and "fishery" in parallel, and has become the main axis of the operation of the River- forest leisure farms.
Third, the wetland environment Ecological experience:
The water quality of the "Colin springs" is very clean because it is filtered through layers of stratum, and even the water companies have approved that the water can be drink directly. The park wants visitors to experience through activities.
In the park's water ecological resources, black shell shrimp(Neocaridina denticulata), Candidius Goby, Acrosscheilus paradoxus, Eriocherir rectus, Paracheilognathus himantegus, Gambusia affinis, Macrobrachium lar and so are in the integration of environmental ecology in a symbiotic design, beautiful but does not affect the ecological conservation, together with the park's buildings, are designed to be able to integrate with the natural environment. At the same time we also designed a series of leisure experience activities, so we invite everyone come to experience.
Fourth, the River- forest agriculture, fishing industry and experience:
Since 2016 river- forest, with 15,000 square meters of freshwater fish farming area, and 8,000 square meters of dragon fruit planting area,
Fisheries area: At present, we keep the California bass, mossambicus, sturgeon fish and other freshwater fish. Future output of about 400 tons.
Dragon fruit area: the current we plant red dragon fruit about: 5000 strains. White dragon fruit about: 700 strains. Future output of about 30 tons / year.
In addition to agriculture and fishery production, the river- forest is also actively developing related agriculture, fishery experience, production and other activities! We expect visitors come to participate.

Fifth, accommodation:
River-forest has a diverse ecological environment, clean spring ecology and abundant plant diversity, is a very suitable for family and parent-child, experience the depth of tourism leisure farms, while the river- forest also use natural environmental resources, Very unique room type, such as bubble room, star room and other types of room, our feature can be seen everywhere.

Six, River-forest's food and beverage:
In addition to actively participating in the "Yilan strict selection", we also carry out the certification of fishery production and organic certification of orchards, and our ingredients are also used to produce our own ingredients, We look forward to every river-forest visitors, you can enjoy the waterfront forest leisure farm low-carbon, healthy and delicious meals, we also provide a wide range of afternoon tea, hoping to let each person to river- forest visitors, have the feeling of being at home.
The depth of rural tourism is knowledge, temperature and interesting, so the river-forest in addition to providing a knowledge trip, but also hope that through the process of rural tourism. So that visitors know agriculture, fisheries, and experience agriculture and fisheries, more importantly, to cherish enviroment.
These are the future operational objectives of the river- forest.

Sunshine, air, water, come to Yilen enjoy it ! We look forward to your arrival.
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