Building on the spring lake on the room, there is a diameter of 2 meters rectangle on the house floor, watch the fish and spring bubbles from landscape windows
​The glass of bathroom is transparent enhance the feelings of the couples.

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Room specifications

Double room , about 43 square meters a king size bed with quilt (6 * 7 feet, about 180 * 210 cm), rear balcony 5 square meters, quick pot, 37 inch LCD TV, fridge, air-conditioned, free tea, coffee, hair dryer, in-room wired and outdoor wireless internet, bathrobes

About 10 square meters, dry and wet separation of independent bathroom equipment, hot spring tub.


Plus cost
  1. In order to protect your right to book, whole dialog will be recorded. Thanks for your consideration for any inconvenience caused.
  2. Reservation service time 08: 00 ~ 22: 00, we accept an appointment for all rooms within 3 months, for example: now in January can be booked in April room.
  3. Please follow the room limitation on the number of persons, to the standard number of people, double room 2, parent-child 4, each room can add one extra person only.
  4. The hotel is designed for couples or married couples , it is not recommended to add the extra bed, if your kid's height is 100cm below then no need to charge.
  5. Add one person (more than 100 cm, no extra bed) - weekdays: 500 TWD / person, holidays : 800 TWD / person, Chinese new year : 1000 TWD / person, it contains breakfast and toiletries.
  6. Extra quilt : 200 TWD/ each
  7. Extra bed : weekdays: 800 TWD / person, holiday : 1000 TWD / person, Chinese new year : 1500 TWD / person, with a single bed and duvet, breakfast and toiletries.
  8. ★ plus baby bed (length 90 cm) to charge 500 TWD / each (no sheets and other items).
  9. ☆ No extra bed or quilt service is available on the day of arrival (no cancellation of extra bed or quilt service is available on the same day)
  10. Chinese new year : the room price + 10 % (during the Spring Festival to be announced)
  11. Definition of holiday & summer vacation & weekdays:  ☆ Holidays: Saturdays and national holidays, consecutive holidays (special holidays, separate announcement) ★ Summer vacation : During summer break (7/1 ~ 8/31) Sunday to Friday (Saturday is a holiday) ☆ Weekdays: Sunday to Friday (excluding national holidays and consecutive holidays)
  12. In order to maintain the rights of the next tenant, all room and indoor public space are non-smoking areas, if necessary, please move to outdoors, and is strictly prohibited abandon cigarette butts, rooms and interior space "no pets" to enter, A maximum of $ 10,000 will be charged as cleaning fee.
  13. After confirmation of the reservation, in order to maintain the rights of both parties, please deposit (30% of the price) remittance or transfer to the predesignated account within three days, and call us for confirmation and notify the transfer account number(last five numbers).
  14. Coupon holder to complete the booking, if required to cancel the booking, for the need for deduction, deduction should be remitted fist before the booking next time, if remittance isn't complete, then we will not accept reservations.
  15. When holding a coupon booking, the double room would be charged 1,000 TWD for initial payment, four people room need to deposit 1,500 TWD for initial payment, then call us to tell the end of the last five yards to confirm the completion of booking procedures.
  16. If there is temporarily condition on the same day, the resort has the right to allocate room.